Welcome to Rangpur Zilla Association

 Home of  all Rangpur origin Expatriate in America


Rangpur Zilla Association, Inc is a non political and non profit organization which was founded in 2006 to unite and help Rangpur born people, and to promote Bangladeshi culture in America.The membership is open to all Rangpur born people who lawfully reside in America.

The first meeting (Association formation meeting) was held on April 16th, 2006

at Dhaka Cafe Jhil restaurant in Long Island City, New York, USA

Inauguration ceremony was held on February 16th, 2020 at Gulshan Terrace, Woodside, New York

Last Special General Meeting held on December 29th, 2019 at King Kebab Restaurant at Jamaica, New York

Special General Meeting, December 29th, 2019. King Kebab Restaurant, Jamaica, New York

 International Language Day celebration- Amar Ekushe February-2007 at NTV Bhaban